Home Remedies For Pimples After Shaving

• Use a good quality razor. Make sure you do not use the same razor after 4-5 shaves. Always clean the razor well and dry the blades after washing.

• There are a lot of people who use electric razors to save time. Moreover, these razors make shaving an easy grooming task. If you are using an electric razor, then make sure you change the blade after 2-3 shaves. However, it is advisable to use a new single-blade razor every time you shave.

• Avoid using double and triple-edge blades. It pulls out the hair from the follicle which is actually below the epidermis. As the hair finds it difficult to grow out, it can lead to pimples and inflammation.

• One of the home remedies to reduce pimples that pop up after shaving is, apply rubbing alcohol. You can either apply some aftershave as ti contains alcohol which can reduce the chances of getting red bumps and pimples after shaving.

• Applying ice cubes on the pimple can be a relief. This is a simple home remedy to treat pimples after shaving. Rubbing ice cubes is also a remedy for other skin problems that can occur after shaving like razor cuts or burns.

• Exfoliating before shaving is one of the ways to prevent pimples that can pop up after shaving.

• Always shave in the downward style. Shave down instead of coming up from the neck. This will prevent skin rashes and razor bumps.

• To prevent pimples or razor bumps after shaving, it is best to rinse the face with warm water. This dilate your blood vessels and bring more blood to the area that you are about to shave. That is why, shaving in hot shower is always considered best!